UX Prototype App "ART4ever":
Discover Local Fine Art

Tools: Adobe XD

My first draft app combines all fine art events that will happen in a particular city - like gallery shows & openings, art museum exhibits and open artist studios - and lists them on a main calendar. The user can then read about them, find out where and how to get there. The user can add events to a personal calendar and set a reminder of when they occur.

Project Brief:

User Needs

• A user who is an artist, a local artist, a professional artist or an art student needs one place where they can look to see everything that is happening in the arts community of a particular city, from shows to festivals, because as an artist one must be socially involved in the local art scene to be remotely successful.

• A user who is interested in the local community and civil discourse as a means to engage with people in a meaningful way need one place to look to see how community arts bring people of different walks of life together. One can see how much a particular group of people is represented in the arts community and support that group.

• A user who is a local or tourist in the area will need to use one app to access the local arts community and see many things that they would want to buy. Tourists like to buy local art because they are place specific and a local user will want to support the local economy by purchasing and supporting local arts.

Business Needs

• A great way to grow a local economy is through a thriving local art scene. When artists arrive in an area, property values begin to increase and people and businesses follow. If the entire growing arts community were aggregated, updated, and easily organized in one app making it accessible, community involvement in that scene would increase.

• BIPOC want to expand their small businesses and one way for them to do that is in the creative arts community. If their arts businesses were included in the app, they would be more accessible and therefore more successful. Not only would more people be exposed to their work who wouldn’t normally, but it would encourage arts education and support in minority communities.

• The tourism industry is important to large cities across America. A lot of tourists want to see the local arts scene, not just art from another century in a museum. Tourists rely on their phones to get around in different cities. If local art events, shows and festivals listed in one place where important locations are cross-referenced with Google maps, then the more accessible and easy it is to use for tourists.


There is a need for putting all local art events and resources in one place so they can be easily accessible. Such a thing does not exist. Nor does there exist an app that can give minority groups ways to be a part of and engage with the community.

In this regard, less fortunate and minority groups can use the creative arts not only to benefit them but to engage and receive support from other groups who wouldn't normally have access to them. The creative arts community will bring people together and expand social and political discourse.

There will be the option after entering a zip code or city name to create an account where a user can save events they are interested in a personal calendar and get automatic reminders of the events. The user will have the option to choose when to get the reminders: 1 hr before event, one day before, one week before, 2 hrs before etc.


I want the user to be able to enter a city name or a zip code on the first frame and immediately have access to a calendar and map of art galleries, shows, and festivals in that area. I want the maps to be google maps. Each event or gallery will have an entry on a calendar with an option to expand to read more in depth about the event, where it is using google maps, and links to any websites pertinent to that event. At some point in the future, I would want local arts organizers of events and places to sign up for an account and enter the information and times and dates of their events themselves. Narrowing the scope for the prototype, I will focus solely on when a user types Minneapolis in the first frame. I will use one month in summer as an example.


I will need time and will test the prototype using my fellow students. Ideally, I would go around and test it with local arts organizers and artists. I am confident I can finish the prototype in the class time we have.


User One
User six


App Flowchart

Designing with Prototyping Software Adobe XD:

Prototype One

Here I added interactivity:

Prototype One

User Testing:

Prototype Test Plan:

Prototype Test Plan

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PrototypeTest Results

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