CL Martin

Creativity has immense power to call forth emotions. As a designer, it is essential that I harness the strength of creativity in my work. I am passionate about editing and feel each decision I make with my whole self. I thrive to create designs that are expressive and potent. It is important to reach a design’s most expressive state because it is one of the most effective forms of human communication.

I'm a very creative and detail-oriented arts professional with experience in developing innovative design solutions for multiple web-based projects. I utilize all the technological tools at my disposal to achieve integrity and reliability. I excel at creative problem solving using visual systems. I have been recognized for my abilities having been chosen by the design school faculty of Minneapolis Community and Technical College to lead their UX design team in making the graduating design class of 2021’s official webpage. I also have a BFA and started my own business as a freelance web designer, graphic designer, illustrator and artist. I’m a systems thinker with empathy and I’m interested in expanding my experience working in the UX industry in a company that cares about people.

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